Chaudhary and Company, Chartered Accountants, is established at Akola in the year 1963 by CA. Narendra Jagannath Chaudhary. He is the first qualified Chartered Accountant from Akola.

Once established as a proprietary firm in 1963, working with many associates thereafter, over the period enjoyed the status of big firm with multiple partners & multi-location offices. Imparted training to many of whom many are practicing chartered accountants now. The status of the firm emerged to its present state as a Partnership firm in the year 1998.

At present two generations from Chaudhary family are serving the society thus blending the Old Knowledge & experience with new enthusiasm, and advanced knowledge. 51 years of diverse experience & knowledge adds new standards in understanding & delivering exact yet dynamic solutions to the needs of businesses.

Chaudhary and Company being chartered accounting firm is not only providing services in the traditional areas of auditing and accounting of books of accounts but is also providing a wide range of services which includes, Audits, Accounts, Cost Management, Management Accounting, Management Information System, System Analysis, Information System Audits, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Service Tax & other direct & indirect taxes, Financial Management, etc.

With its vision and principles Chaudhary and Company through its journey over last 51 years emerged as a distinguished & prominent firm of professional’s in the surrounding area.

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